Words are Flowing Out

Why do we write? People write for various reasons. Some write to earn fame, some for money and even existence, some as a passion or hobby, and a few simply to express their feelings. As for me, I write to express myself and earn fame. Professional writers write for money, and aspiring ones like me write to develop the writing habit itself.
The role of a writer is not to express what the general people can say, but what they are unable to say. We write because we feel the power of the written words. Hearing verbally and reading words are different things. Words express feelings that are unexpressed by sounds. That’s why we share thoughts, experiences, opinions and ideas not through the mouth verbally but through the written word. The writer’s experiences and feelings are expressed in words, and the readers feel as if they themselves are part of the event. That’s why readers embrace the heroes, and their imagination runs so free.
Writing is a really challenging job at times. It needs vigour and a kind of power since once written, the words can’t be undone; and a matter that is simple can be very moving to someone. This may be the reason why some people are scared to be a writer. I know some writers who write for themselves and most of them I have found to be young and new in this profession. I think that writers should write for the satisfaction of readers that makes them think, undergo changes and even be inspired to write.
There are several benefits of writing. Primarily, it’s an alternative to verbal communication. Writing is a technique of imparting ideas, helping one to think more and speak effectively, and also helping to distil ideas so that our preconceived viewpoints get modified. The writing habit can change your horizon of knowledge. It helps you to generate new ideas and develop the creativity that’s hidden within you. At the same time, it also helps you to be a critical thinker.
From my own personal experience, I can say that the knowledge I have about a certain subject increases every time I write something about it. Writing on a particular topic motivates us to do more research about the topic. For example, when I wrote on literary festivals, I searched all over the internet and asked people. Consequently, I learned more about literary festivals and gained more knowledge about the subject.
Writing has unlimited benefits from building one’s self-confidence to expanding the vocabulary, and from banishing fear to nurturing courage. I also write due to these great benefits. Write and see, you will feel changes that make you blessed, build courage and help you to win the world. Make writing a habit, although you do not have to do it daily; and get involved in this world of exploration.

Ken Subedi

Published in The Kathmandu Post dated 2011 Dec 3

Source: http://www.ekantipur.com/the-kathmandu-post/2011/12/01/related_articles/postplatform-words-are-flowing-out/228863.html

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